The immune system is critically involved in disease.

Precision biomarkers for the immune system should lead to vastly better patient outcomes.

one life, one test” is our vision.

one life, one test

FBB Biomed, Inc. is a biotech company in the Iowa City area, based at the University of Iowa Research Park.

We harness the latest advancements in genetics, bioinformatics and RNA virology to develop novel approaches in combating diseases.

Our platform technology addresses the market for RNA diagnostics and therapeutics.


A team with 68 years of FDA experience




Chief Executive Officer

Howard Urnovitz


• 40 years of developing and commercializing RNA virus tests

• Former Founder-CEO of 2 biotech companies

• Commercialization of 3 FDA-approved viral RNA screening and confirmation tests

• Partnership with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals for commercialization of 2 RNA tests

• Inventor of 22 patents

• PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, 1979, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor




Chief Business Officer

Julien Rey


• 10 years of business development

• Hands-on experience in applying AI to process automation

• MBA, 2014, INSEAD, Fontainebleau




Chief Operations Officer

Steven Urnovitz


• 30 years of running certified laboratories

• Deep experience in supply chain operations

• Honorable Discharge, 1982, US Navy




Board Director

Garry Neil


• Chief Medical Officer at Cerecor, Inc.

• Former Partner at Apple Tree Partners

• Board Director at Arena Pharmaceuticals

• Board Director at the Reagan-Udall Foundation, which advises the FDA

• MD, 1979, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon