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Blood Test Alternative to the Spinal Tap

Brain disease diagnosis is painful and often inaccurate

  • Pain: Diagnosis of brain diseases relies heavily on spinal taps (lumbar punctures)
  • Inaccuracy: Brain diseases are misdiagnosed up to 30% of the time
  • About 600,000 people are diagnosed with a brain disease per year in the US

The Challenge

Painful and Often Inaccurate

The spinal tap is part of the current standard of care for the diagnosis of brain diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease (PD), and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Some of these brain diseases are misdiagnosed 3 times out of 10, leading to the use of inappropriate medications.

The Opportunity

Alternative to the Spinal Tap

While 363,000 spinal taps are performed per year in the US, no definitive diagnostic test exists for neurodegenerative diseases. Blood tests based on our technology will finally bring precision to this field by delivering minimally invasive, highly accurate blood tests for differential diagnosis.

Our Solution

RNA Biomarkers

FBB Biomed’s proprietary RNA signatures and machine learning algorithms differentiate between specific brain diseases.
FBB Biomed’s pre-clinical research has demonstrated significant potential for earlier, more accurate diagnosis of these diseases.

Our Product

Reagent for NGS Test

FBB Biomed’s reagent enables novel next-generation sequencing (NGS) diagnostics. A FBB test provides neurologists with a liquid biopsy for brain diseases.

Our test runs on standard laboratory sequencing equipment and protocols. No new hardware or processes required.

Actionable Clinical Utility

Use Cases

Differential Diagnosis

"Which specific neurologic disease does this patient have?"

Therapy Monitoring

"How effective has the therapy been for this specific patient?"

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