Predicting Health Outcomes for Precision Medicine

Doctors urgently need diagnostic tests for disease severity prediction to improve patient outcomes and better control epidemics.

We are developing an RNA test that quantifies immune system biomarkers to predict disease severity and patient outcomes. Because RNA has regulatory functions, our proprietary RNA biomarkers also are potential targets for novel therapies.

Our Approach

Cause vs. Effect

The World Health Organization’s position is that “better diagnostics and biomarkers predicting disease severity are urgently needed.”

While current diagnostics focus on the “cause” of disease (pathogen), we target the “effect” of disease (severity). The immune system is the missing link in understanding disease severity.

Our Method

Decoding the Immune System's Signals

As the immune system is involved in virtually all diseases, decoding its signals enables revealing patient outcomes before they manifest clinically. Our proprietary immune system biomarkers allow the doctor to triage the patient and intervene medically at the earliest time point possible.

Discover how we can predict patient outcomes, regardless of disease.

Our Products

Pipeline: Screening & Confirmation Tests

Our first product will be a qPCR Screening Test for COVID-19 severity that enables doctors to make earlier triage and intervention decisions. Our second product will be an RNA-targeted Confirmation Test that provides doctors with a detailed expression analysis revealing the clinical stage of the patient’s disease. Both products are being developed on the basis of the data generated by our clinical trial.

These products are in development and not yet available.


Early Diagnosis

Is this patient at risk for a poor health outcome?


How should I triage this patient: send home or hospitalize?

Therapy Selection

Which therapy or vaccine should I recommend to this patient?


How has severity developed since I started treating this patient?

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